Navigating the ITP Client Portal

in ITP Client Portal

This section will help you navigate the ITP Client Portal. This portal will allow you to view information about services currently provided by ITP as well as view or pay invoices, view or submit support requests and much more.



Logging in

The ITP client portal can be access by either visiting or directly via a url:



If you currently have an active service(s) or account, you can register a user by visiting the client portal website and clicking “Sign up”. You will be prompted to enter your name, email and password. The last step before account creation is to verify your account by supplying your account number. Your account number is displayed on your invoice, located at the top right corner. If you do not know your account number you may contact our help desk or account manager for this information.


Access VoiceLinx Services

If you currently use one of our VoiceLinx services, you can access them by clicking “Services”, “Cloud Services”, then selecting “VoiceLinx” on the left menu. You will then be displayed a list of Phone Systems to manage. Click the manage button to view information such as Phone Numbers, Statistics, Reports, and other basic information.


SMS/Text Application

To access the SMS App, navigate to VoiceLinx and click Manage. From here, click on “Phone Numbers (DIDs)” tab, and select SMS App on the Phone Number you wish to manage. This App will only be enabled if you currently have an active subscription.

Billing Information

You may update your billing preferences in the “Billing” section by clicking “Billing” in the menu. You are also able to view and pay Invoices.