E-Agent Integration with VoiceLinx

in VoiceLinx

This article will guide you through the configuration of your FOP Panel to allow it to automatically open a popup window. This will provide E-Agent with the Caller ID Information of the inbound caller allowing instant access to customer information.

Please note: Pop ups will only open on incoming calls that are part of a queue. The extension you log into FOP with must be part of the queue. You can verify if an extension is part of a Queue by looking at the right hand side of the FOP panel. All the queues are listed along with the assigned extensions. By default, only incoming calls that are answered are set to open a popup. This option can be changed by contacting our help desk.


  1. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. The FOP panel works on any version of Google Chrome using any operating system.
  2. Log into the FOP panel using the URL provided. If you need access to the FOP panel please contact our help desk.
  3. Click on the options button on the top right:



4.) Enter the following URL in the “URL” box and also enable the “Automatic Popup” button by switching the option to  Yes:
URL: https://eagent.allstate.com/main.aspx?phone=#{CLIDNUM}







5.) Click Accept to save your changes.

6.) Google Chrome may block popups initially and must be set to allow them. After the first incoming call is answered please check if Google Chrome is blocking popups by looking for the symbol. Once you click the icon, select to “Always allow pop-ups from….” and click done. The following incoming call should should now successfully open a popup.


chrmepopup chromepopup2